Do you prefer sitting down with someone in person? Are you interested in learning more about a specific product or product type in more detail?  Here are some topics that may interest you:   

  • An overview of what baby products you will need and won't need.
  • Which baby products you should and shouldn't purchase if you have physical limitations due to back/pelvis/hip/wrist related problems.
  • Unable to breastfeed and want to discuss options on formulas, how they differ and how to make sure your child still gets the necessary prebiotics and probiotics.
  • At risk for postpartum depression and want to set up a plan to take preventative methods. 
  • Training on how to choose healthy products that are safe for the whole family.
  • Training on how to clean your house with natural products.
  • Set up a plan of different natural options to try on eczema affected skin before resorting to prescription medication.
  • See, feel and discuss different cloth diaper brands and options.
  • Learn how to benefit from essential oils.

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